Special announcement

I think this will be right up your street

I don’t usually make an appearance in your inbox on a Tuesday. But just this once, I’m messaging with some news.

I’m joining a new social app called Faves, and I’d love you to come with me! Faves is a platform where leading creators share the content that fuels their thinking.

I’ll be sharing articles, podcasts, tweets and more that inform my research for New World Same Humans. Plus additional insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

I can request a limited number of invites for NWSH readers, so if this sounds up your street then just hit the button below:

You’ll be relieved to know that I’m not suggesting you sign up to Faves just to hear more from me.

The app’s creators in Silicon Valley (where else?) are building a roster of 100 creators before launch, and they’ve already signed up some amazing names. Look, they even put me on a graphic with Google icon and former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer!

Take a look, and I’ll see you inside the app.

Thanks for reading. Normal New World Same Humans service is now resumed.