Tools for Thinkers

A sponsored post on Baronfig, makers of functional work supplies.

Spend time in the New World Same Humans Slack group, and one thing quickly becomes clear. Our community is full of people with endless curiosity, and plenty of big ideas.

No surprise, then, that I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help supercharge our information processing and creativity. And yes, there’s some great online innovation happening in that space right now.

But my most important tool when it comes to new ideas will always be a paper and pen. That’s why I’m delighted to highlight my favourite functional work supplies brand, Baronfig.

Founded back in 2013, Baronfig was born via a Kickstarter campaign that achieved 10x its funding target. Founders Joey Cofone and Adam Kornfield interviewed over 500 designers, writers, illustrators and more to discover the principles of the perfect notebook. The result was the iconic Confidant; IMHO the most functional and beautiful notebook out there. It’s pictured above as part Baronfig’s Idea Toolset, which also features the Squire pen and Guardian water-resistant case.

Shop the Idea Toolset!

For a limited time, Joey and Adam are giving NWSH readers 20% off all purchases; just use the code NWSH20. Baronfig plant a tree for every Confidant sold.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to take your own ideas – even the ones that seem strange or absurd – seriously enough to write them down. Maybe especially those ones.

A beautiful notebook helps me make that a habit; it can do the same for you. So check out what Baronfig has to offer. And then get scribbling.

Thanks for reading; I’ll be back on Sunday,