What will you teach?

A sponsored post on Thinkific, a new platform to create and sell online courses.

I’ve written often, in this newsletter, on how a connected world is disrupting education and learning.

So I’m always on the look out for startups that not only exemplify this shift, but that can empower you to participate in it.

That’s why I’m excited to highlight a new platform called Thinkific.

Thinkific allows you to create, market, and sell your own online courses and membership sites. Its tools handle the whole process, from creating a beautiful site, to uploading video content, to onboarding students. Over 50,000 independent creators and businesses worldwide have already used Thinkific to share their knowledge and earn revenue. Sign up today, and you can get started for free!

Get started with Thinkific!

If you’re a content maker, consultant, or influential online voice with an audience growing around you, and you’re looking to bring your knowledge and skills to that audience in new ways, then Thinkific is for you.

But whoever you are, this platform could prove the start of a new journey. Our community is full of amazing people – technologists, founders, creatives, designers – with knowledge and skills that others would prize. Think about it: what could you impart that others would love to receive?

The world is waiting for new skills, knowledge, inspiration. What will you teach?

Jump in, and let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to share news of some Thinkific courses launched by NWSH members!

Happy teaching,