Your career compass 🧭

A sponsored post on Tal&Dev, a career guidance and matching platform.

In the last instalment of New Week, I wrote about the Great Resignation.

One shift driving it? In the wake of the pandemic, millions around the world are more determined than ever to forge a career that they find meaningful, and that best matches their unique skills and talents.

There’s so much opportunity out there. But amid a complex and fast changing landscape, it can feel hard to know which path to take.

That’s why, this week, I’m excited to bring news of Tal&Dev to our community.

Tal&Dev is a free, all-in-one resource that will supercharge your career journey. That means tools to help you understand yourself and the careers that suit you talents and skills. Live coaching and other resources to turn you into the best version of yourself. And a matching service that will connect you to employers seeking people just like you. And remember, all this is free!

Start your journey with Tal&Dev

The platform is led by a team with deep experience in talent search, corporate leadership, and the startup hustle. They’re passionate about empowering people to grow as professionals, and to take back control of their careers.

I know that the NWSH community is stacked full of talented, thoughtful, and ambitious people; I’ve corresponded with quite a few of you!

If you’re still questing after the right path – or if you’re considering a change in direction – Tal&Dev could be just the tool you’re looking for. Check out what they have to offer. And come back to our community to share your story!

I’ll be back on Sunday,